Thursday, January 21, 2010

To all my peppes in Mandura

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This will be the free tools that you need to use once you join oue team.
These tools are all free and they will help you bring daily subscribers if you use them every day.

Also try to use
*Craig's List
*Face Book
*Any Social Network that you're involvo with

The more the submit your ad online.The more people will see it.Thw more exposure you'll get.I create this because I don't want anybody to pay a penny for their advertisment....Thank you..hahaha

Now here we go

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Here is some great Traffic Exchange to join:
This traffic exchange is one of the best.You need to join them right away if you want to allow over 200,000 members to see you ad.


Use these free links if you want to submit your site to search engines...for free:

All site Cafe...

Now that's it for these free tools.I think it's enough right now but I'll be adding more soon when ever I found a great site.
Love you all

GOD Bless


  1. This looks extremely helpful as I just started with Mandura and received my first bottle this morning. Which tool would you suggest we first use?

  2. I have a followup question which I think would be helpful for everyone just joining. I bought a bottle of Mandura and was promised 300 leads. Where do I find these leads and what do I do with them as a new IBO?

  3. You need to use
    *Million Leads For free
    *List Joe
    *List Jumper
    *Viral Nuggets
    *Viral ad store
    *Hot spot mailer
    *Green List

    And you also need to join the two site above that give you over 5000 fresh leads every month for free that you can download to your autoresponder and send out.